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They said Argentina was playing with their heart and Germany with their brain. That Argentina should win, they deserve better, Messi deserves it. If Germany don’t win now, with this team they will never do it again. They said Germans are cold, robots without real emotions.

Just look at them… They might be perfectionist, yes but they came to Brazil to make their dream come to. And they did it. They fought like true warriors, fought together with all their might. They never gave up, never. They had hard moments but kept their heads up and focused on only one goal: to win the World Cup.

They are more than a team. They’re family. I was nervous like hell during the whole match but when Miro left after 87 mins I realised it’s over. End of the tournament, end of everything. Probably Miro’s last World Cup match. And I didn’t care anymore if they win or lose, I was extremely proud and started crying. Crying for everyone. For Miro’s wonderful career, his goal record. For Mats, he was ill and injured but still on the field and rocked. For Bastian, he was pushed to the ground, kicked, punched in the face, bleeding, he barely could walk and he did it despite all of it. For Manu, this wonderful man who’s more than just a goalkeeper, who did the greatest savings and won the Golden Glove. For Özil, who was said to be miserable and and useless but he isn’t, really isn’t he did a great job. For poor little Kramer, he looked like he would faint but fought till he could. For the one and only Thomas Müller, this a wonderful person. For Mario Götze, Mario Fucking Golden Boy Götze, who wasn’t in form and was sitting on the bench for matches and he scored THE GOAL, the winner goal and he won the World Cup with it. For Schürrle and his beautiful actions and goals, for Philipp, little Philipp when he raised the trophy….For everyone. The whole German nation.

These ‘heartless’ Germans was crying after the match in pure happiness, relief and disbelief. They did it. Won the world cup. They are legends. Golden generation. They deserved it. And I’m proud of them.


- “On the stand, what did Angela Merkel say to you?”

- “Uhm, I guess she simply said “Congratulations”… she did say something else, too, but I don’t know anymore… I’m currently still in another world, I still haven’t realised this yet.

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Germany 1-0 Argentina